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Joseph Kowalczyk (located in the Bay Area)
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Inventory of San Joaquin Delta College
Phase Out of High Fire Glazes                 

This list of glazes are being phased out of the Ceramics Studio.  Most date back to the Professors Bruce Duke and Joe Mariscal.
All these cone 10 glazes are in either 5 gallon buckets or one gallon containers.  
If you are interested you should contact Shenny Cruces by email:

Oil Spot
Hardings Oil Spot
Oil Spot Cover
Butter Matte Turquoise
Semi Matte Turquiose
Thalken Green
Yellow Salt
Leach White
White Opaque
Rhodes 32
Black Gloss

Red Brick Plum
RK Brown
Irvine Chun

Phil's White qt
Mellow Yellow qt
St. John's Black qt (not food safe)
Rex Rode Yellow (not food safe)
Rex Rode Black (not food safe)